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Storm & Wind Damage Repair

Over the past several years the Midwest has suffered through damaging Tornados, hail, wind, ice and snow storms. If you are like thousands of others your home may have sustained substantial damage due to these storms. Some of this damage can go unnoticed to the untrained eye resulting in further damage to other vital parts of your home. We specialize in insurance claims and negotiations.

JNS Restorations is a locally-owned and operated restoration company. We employ some of Illinois's leading storm damage and insurance claim specialists and have a team dedicated solely to the insurance restoration field. JNS Restorations has satisfied hundreds of customers with our negotiations with insurance companies and our restoration services. JNS Restorations has developed a process that has proven both effective and successful.

The process is simple...you place a call to JNS Restorations at (847) 431-5301 and schedule a free, no obligation damage assessment. We will meet your insurance adjustor, negotiate all necessary damage repairs, and reach a fair and equitable settlement for the homeowner. JNS Restorations then presents an agreement with the homeowner to complete the repairs for the settlement amount. The only expenses incurred by the homeowner are upgrades and/or the insurance deductible. The work performed by JNS Restorations is completed by professionally trained, quality minded craftsmen, using the highest quality products to restore your home to the same (or better!) condition.